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Monitor your beacons system and manage your location-specific marketing hassle-free

What is beaconCUBE?

beaconCUBE turns your physical stores into a monitored beacons system that enables your mobile apps to be location-specific and manageable,
turning your mobile apps into one context-aware data collection hub

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beaconCUBE revolutionizes indoor positioning. It is a device transmitting indoor positioning signal through Bluetooth 4.0 , Low energy (BLE). This energy saving bluetooth mode enables beacon to have extra long operation lifetime (over 2 years with full signal power) , at the same time allowing reception range from several cm to 50 meters.

The magnetic base of the cube makes it dynamic and flexible, allowing it to stick on metallic surface without leaving any signs of sticky glue and adhesiveness remains for long time.

Much more versatile than other iBeacon products in the market, beaconCUBE is a hybrid “beacon”, it broadcasts iBeacon indoor positioning signal, together with a customized “BC beacon signal”, which provides an additional layer of protection from beacon signal spoofing.

With our software-based beaconCUBE Hub
you can do even more

Find out what beaconCUBE Hub can help with your business


Beacon Device Management

With our cloud management hub,
user can calibrate beaconCUBE easily anywhere from our app and web console

See the battery report

See the beacon usage


Campaign Management

Drag and drop beacons set up by
events or campaigns

Realtime monitoring beacons of
different live campaigns 


Reporting & Analytics

All information gathered via
beaconCUBE & SDK 

Present data for customer behaviour analysis

With the intelligence, marketing strategy
can be easily planned

Use Case

integration with smartphone Push-to-Talk


Application Objective

Locating staff
Job dispatch
Instant inventory checking for customers

Deployment Approach

Step1)  beaconCUBE SDK in TalkBox PPT app
Step2)  Installation of beacons in the store
Step3)  Distribution of apps to staff
Step4)  Locating staff on the screen

beaconCUBE Support for developers

Plug & play communication between applications on beaconCUBE related issues, easy manipulation of beacons for
developers according to their business features 


beaconCUBE API

To integrate server business logics


beaconCUBE SDK

To help to detect beaconCUBE’s signal and report the beaconCUBE’s status to server (iOS & Android )

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